What causes no pain or sorrow, but makes anybody weep?

Riddle: What causes no pain or sorrow, but makes anybody weep?

So you cry without a reason? Okay, I’m not going to judge because I know that this can happen. We can cry for no reason… We are human beings. Although many people might cry for no reason, not everyone is like this. But the riddle says that this thing makes everyone cry without giving pain or sorrow. So it has to be some kind of chemical, maybe?


Let’s not think too complicated. Let’s be simple. What makes your eyes trickle? An onion! Everyone has either chopped onion or been in the kitchen while someone was chopping an onion. It makes you cry so hard (if you don’t use contact lenses)

Answer: An onion.

What has hands, but can’t clap?

Riddle: What has hands, but can’t clap?

Monkeys? No… I have once seen a video in which monkeys were clapping. So they are surely able to clap. This is not a human being or an animal. The answer has got to be something else. Maybe, hands refer to something else?


When we see the word “hand” we automatically assume that it refers to our limbs. But doesn’t a clock also have hands? It does! A clock has three hands, hour hand, minute hand and second hand. Is it able to clap? Of course not. It ticks. So the answer is definitely a clock.

Answer: A clock.

What goes up and down, but cannot move?

Riddle: What goes up and down, but cannot move? Let’s think about this.

This one is too short and direct that you assume it’s going to be easy to know the answer… Let’s start brainstorming! Some of the things that come to my mind are elevator, planes, helicopters… Yes, they go up and down but they also move, don’t they? You can not keep an elevator fixed and expect it to carry people from the bottom floor to the top floor. It just has to move!


So what is the thing that is fixed but also, possibly, carries you from bottom to top? A staircase! They go up and down, but you’re the one moving. You go up or down the staircase. It is fixed. You move. Blew – my – mind!

Answer: A staircase.

How many letters are in the alphabet?

Riddle: How many letters are in the alphabet?

However, it’s a teaser that has thrown a lot of people, especially those adamant that the answer is 26 because, in this case, it isn’t. You see, the answer in this instance comes from the number of letters in the words ‘the alphabet’ rather than the actual alphabet itself.

The reason why this has caught so many out is the way in which the question is worded.


If the question read How many letters are in the words, ‘the alphabet?’ then those trying the riddle would have a much easier time but where’s the fun in that?

Answer: There are 11 letters in the words “the alphabet”

Sam Sarah saw seven sharks swimming.

Riddle: Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks swimming. How many S are in the sentence?


Answer is easy. Only one S  in `the sentence’.  There’s actually a little quibble. So, the questioner asks you to think like this: How many S letters in the word “sentence” when you say in the sentence? Not Sam – Sarah – 7 Sharks.


If we think in this way, the answer seems simple, right? If we separate the letters of the word sentence as follows: S – E – N – T – E – N – C – E.  From here, we can see the first letter, S. And only 1 available

Answer:  One letter S in the “sentence”..

Pepsi has 5 letters spell that in 4 letters​.

Riddle: Pepsi has 5 letters spell that in 4 letters​. But how? Let’s look the rigth answer soon.


Pepsi = P – E – P – S – I   is 5 letters as you see. Now we will change something, there will be spell  4 letters but PEPSI not changed.


Instead of SI we can use C.  Is it possible? Yes, sure. If we use C instead of SI , Pepsi can spell in 4 letters  so PEPC

There are 10 bombs on the ground, 1 bomb explodes.

This riddle is very easy and for kids. There are 10 bombs on the ground, 1 bomb explodes. How many bombs are there left?


I think it is very easy. you can easily guess and find the answer. If not?   Think that what happens when a bomb explodes? Does anything around it remain not explodes?


Of course not. So no matter how many bombs are around, they all explode. Remember war film. When a bomb explodes, everything around is damaged. Many things are damaged. There is dust and smoke. Nothing generally remains intact. If you think this way, you can find the answer very comfortably.

Answer is 0 bomb left there.