I had $370.00. My Mom gave $150.00. My Dad gave $150.00.

Math Riddle: I had $370.00. My Mom gave $150.00. My Dad gave $150.00. My Aunt and Uncle gave me $100.00. I had another $30.00. How much did I have?

This is a so hard riddle. Don’t be quick.  The answer is not $800. Think about it more times and read again and again.

Can’t you find the correct answer? Lets tell the step by step.

  • I had $370.00.
  • My Mom gave $150.00.
  • My Dad gave $150.00.
  • My Aunt and Uncle gave me $100.00.
  • I had another $30.00.

If your read again you can see mom, dad, aunt and uncle “gave”… We can’t count this money for I have.

Only we can sum  I had $370.00 and I had another $30.00.

So correct answer is $400.


7 Replies to “I had $370.00. My Mom gave $150.00. My Dad gave $150.00.”

  1. This is all over facebook right now, $400 is an abstract answer, these word plays mixed in with math are ridiculous, you can have 3 correct answers and argue about how you think each is correct. A Rubik’s cube is much more rewarding.

  2. This is so wrong! “Had” is past tense, which means it’s already gone , she had it. It should be be “I have” meaning you still have it! Where’s the $100 the Aunt and Uncle gave her?

    1. Even if you look at it that way, the answer is still the same. If you take out the past tense amounts, that removes $370 and $30. Using only what they were given ($150+$150+$100) you still get $400.

  3. No, just no, what are you using? Common core math? You didn’t ask how much did I have to start with, you asked how much did I have AFTER you tell us the parents & aunt gave us $$$, so the correct answer would be $800. How you structure a sentence makes the difference in the answer.

  4. Nope, You start with $370 and the other $30 which is $400. Aunt and Uncle gave you $100
    Mom and Dad both gave $150 but it doesn’t say they gave it to you. So the $400 you started with plus the $100 your aunt and uncle gave YOU is $500

  5. you had meaning no more 370+30 gone
    mom and dad gave 150.each to who ?? 00000
    aunt and uncle gave 100.00
    so all the money given to them is 100.00 thats the answer

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