You enter a bedroom there are 34 people.

Riddle: You entered a room, there are 34 people, and you killed 30. You enter a bedroom there are 34 people. You kill 30. How many are in the bedroom?


This is a easy math riddle. If you read carefully riddle, you can answer easly. The answer is hidden in words. Read carefully and think about the question.

In fact, the question looks more like a simple math question. If you can’t find the answer let’s go  to the question solution


Answer like this, there are 34 people in the room. You entered then  there are 35 people in the room now. You killed 30 people BUT you didn’t take them out of the room. So 30 dead people still in the room.

As a result 34 people + you = 35 people in the room.


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